Tecline Side Mount BCD SIDE 16 – 16 kg buoyancy


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Side 16 wing with 16kg of lift capacity and an extremely tough back / top panel.Clean, DIR-style softer webbing harness.Integrated weight system with four pockets (for 10kg of weights in total), spreading the weight across the back of the diver to enable an ideal trim position. These pockets are also positioned slightly outwards to provide a lower and more streamlined profile.Two 2kg trim pockets are also included (for an additional 4kg of weight if required).A total of 19kg of weight is possible if two 4.5 kg trim pockets (additional) are used instead of the 2kg trim pockets (included).Butt plate is attached, included within the set but can be removed if required.40cm corrugated infltor hose that can be attached to either side of the BCD (a 50cm corrugated hose is included for taller divers, or as a spare).2 dump valves located at the bottom of the wing, protected under the back panel, and on the opposite side to the inflator.A heavy duty canister light bracket, with bungee, is included on the rear crotch strap.Plenty of bungee.


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